- born on the 16th of May - started playing guitar with three and a half years   and until today he is playing a lot of different instruments - first painting experiences at kindergarten   and at the primary school - learned a lot of techniques and tricks and acquire a lot of    interesting knowledge by the artist and teacher Rudolf Will - first exhibitions after the grammar school in the early 90s - started pottery making and ceramic arts the last years and   established a little pottery workshop at his hometown - he get a lot of inspirations from his music and get exercise    influence over his tours and journeys allover the world - last years he toured through Germany,   Spain, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Portugal,   Marocco, Turkey, Norway, England,   Greece, Tunisia and Czech Republic - but he is not only an artist and musician,   he works as a consultant, coach, author and   producer at his studio too and he is the owner of    Tyson-Instruments, GreifBar Tyson and a musicschool - he is playing certain concerts with his band or solo   every year and is not a completely obscure man at   the singer-/songwriter-scene and he won and was     nominated for different awards the last years - several records with Marc’s music are available
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photo by stefan hellmeister 2014
Marc Tyson, Ceramics, Keramik, Pottery, Töpferei, Kunst, Art Marc Tyson, Ceramics, Keramik, Pottery, Töpferei, Kunst, Art, Malerei, Painter, Paintings, Artist